Retirement Essentials

Everyone deserves to retire to their best life, and that means having a unique plan to maximize what you have amassed for income and legacy.

A multitude of factors and solutions must be considered when creating your distinctive retirement plan, so we don't recommend undertaking this process on your own. For most people, their own plan is the first one they've ever attempted, and most first attempts at a complicated process typically don't deliver the best results. Over the years, our specialists have crafted unique retirement plans for literally hundreds of families, so working with our team exponentially enhances your opportunity to get your plan right from the start.

Investment Management

Our wealth management capability includes customized equity strategies with industry-leading upside capture that have for decades consistently outperformed down markets. We'll help you identify the best equity strategy to fit your timeline, risk tolerance, tax efficiencies, and objectives. From there, we'll actively manage your equity portfolio to give you the best opportunity to hit your targets.

We understand a basket of equities doesn't a retirement income plan make! A well defined income distribution plan is a must. A standard feature of our process involves thoroughly researching alternative strategies to best achieve your desired income, tax-efficient wealth accumulation, and legacy.

Social Security Maximization

Navigating Social Security can be tedious and confusing to even the most experienced Investor. We are uniquely qualified to help you through the complicated maze to develop the best approach for your particular circumstances.

Medicare & Medigap Plans

Your OCM Income Specialist can help you identify and implement the absolute best in Medicare coverage and supplements to best fit your health and lifestyle.

Long Term Care Insurance

Your OCM Income Specialist will review any exisiting plans for long term care, or provide recommendations for your consideration to insure any potential health challenges are covered for you, and your spouse, to protect your income and assets. 

Trust & Estate Planning

The proper trust delivers valuable living benefits regardless of how much money you have in your portfolio. Our Trust Attorney will discuss with you the process and costs involved, and the timetable for implementation. 

Plan Identification and Implementation

Once the above steps have been completed, your Retirement Income Specialist and OCM Portfolio Counselor will present a fully comprehensive recommendation designed to meet or exceed your objectives. You will be fully educated on all aspects of the suggested strategies and investment plans, so you can make an informed decision on what's best for you, and your family. The plan we design with you will become the foundation of the distinctive retirement you deserve. We will be at your side to review your plan annually, or as often as market and other circumstances dictate.

Active Financial Planning is included in your annual fee for as long as you remain a Client. Fees for legal services and documents will vary, and will be discussed in your consult with our Estate Attorney.


Video: Retirement Analyzer - An important planning  process tool.