Strategic Investors 401(k)

Inside any cross section of people you will find differing levels of financial and investing sophistication. One of our founding principle objectives is to help even the most inexperienced among us become an elite level investor confident in their financial path, and in position to maximize what they save for retirement. 

Our Strategic Investors 401(K) is designed to help companies attract and keep a diverse team focused on the common objectives and culture required to meet the ever-increasing demands of today's business environment. We help your company maximize diversity, equity, and inclusion in the benefit space while reducing Employer exposure to Fiduciary risk.

The Strategic Investors platform renders today's industry standard 401(k) obsolete...

Our unique multiple Fiduciary approach and methodology helps foster investing equality by delivering high level individual education and advice, and investment strategies designed to deliver superior long-term results tailored to each individual Participant's risk tolerance, objectives, and timeline.

With Active Management and 408(g) Fiduciary protection on a Separately Managed Account for each individual Investor, and no 3rd-party hidden-fee-laden mutual funds, the Strategic Investors 401(k) will revolutionize the investment experience for ALL Participants. 

For a brochure or more information, contact SR VP Jeff Hale at or (800) 563-1708.