Core Beliefs & Principles


Primary Core Beliefs

Our firm operates with a well defined set of disciplined core beliefs that dictate every action we take on behalf of our Clients. The following paragraphs illustrate a few of those key beliefs that are central to our asset management practices.

Long Term Focus

Odingard Capital Management believes an actively managed diversified portfolio of multiple asset classes can deliver better risk-adjusted long-term performance than other investment styles such as mutual funds, ETF managers, managers of managers, and funds of funds.

Portfolio Efficiency for All

OCM believes individuals should have access to the same multi-asset class style used by the wealthy elite, large foundations, endowments, and institutions, without the side effects of "Big Box"  middlemen and their hidden fees and commissions, higher volatility, low liquidity, no customization, and poor tax efficiency.

Low Downside Capture

OCM believes low downside capture is the most important ingredient for long-term wealth. Many money managers have the ability to generate earnings when the markets are in a positive trend. We believe the true challenge, and the best way to maximize your wealth, is to outperform the markets when volatility creates dips, corrections, and crashes.

Primary Core Investing Principles

Our base portfolio strategies are made available to a variety of Investors, and can be tailored to meet virtually any objective, risk tolerance, tax efficiency, and timeline. LISA's Investment Team strictly adheres to the following core principles to build and manage your portfolio.

Fundamental Investing

Your assets are managed in an Institutional style similar to that practiced by large foundations and endowments. Our highly disciplined and time-tested method is based on sound economic theory and comprehensive analyticals that seek the development of repeatable results.

Elite-level Diversification

OCM's Money Managers utilize an individualized portfolio diversification method that incorporates a significant number of market classes within a given portfolio. The purpose of the diversification strategy is to maintain maximum liquidity which provides the greatest opportunity to outperform market corrections of 10%, and again at 20%.

Customized Investment Policy Guideline

Following CFA Institute guidelines, your Portfolio Counselor and our Investment Management team create a customized Investment Policy Guideline (IPG) suited to your individual needs. The IPG includes information obtained during meetings, along with permitted ranges and targets for each actively managed OCM asset class. The IPG confirms you and the Investment Team agree on the proper asset allocation and variables. Once the IPG is signed by you and a member of our investment team, the portfolio construction begins. Depending on market conditions in each asset class, along with capital gains considerations, your portfolio will be typically constructed over the course of four months. Utilizing an IPG insures you portfolio is customized to fit your unique objectives and goals, and is not one built for the mass market such as Wall Street's myriad mutual and bond funds. This document represents our long term asset management commitment to you and establishes your ability to hold us accountable for performance.

Active Management

Each asset class in your portfolio will be actively managed and allocated within your IPG asset class ranges. Asset class allocation changes will be made per the Investment Team’s fundamental and valuation outlook for the asset class.

In-House Efficiencies

All operational facets of our asset management process are handled in-house by members of OCM's Investment Team. This practice creates consistency, cost efficiencies, and maximum control of all decision making, and allows for singular accountability, and lower fees. We do not believe in engaging outside research, fund managers, or managers of managers. We never use 3rd party mutual or bond funds in a Client portfolio.